Fundación Mundo Bipolar

Fundación Mundo Bipolar


Fundación Mundo Bipolar (FMB) is the only national organization of people with lived experience in mental health. Since our birth in 2004, we have promoted activities led by people with psychological disabilities or who have or had mental health problems. 

Our objective is the real, significant and active participation of our collective. We also develop initiatives jointly with other agents related to the field of mental health. 

FMB is a world pioneer on Peer-to-Peer capacity training and Peer (person with lived experience of mental health problems) to health care professional training, in both approaches, demonstrating the effectiveness in improving recovery literacy and experience. Paid staff: 2 Unpaid staff: 12 Learners: 1500 approx.

FMB is pioneer in research and learning programmes for people with mental health problems and identified by EC as an example of good practice in this area. Organization has been involved in several collaborative European partnerships, with the most recent and relevant being partner of H2020 project Revover-E (, where the organization was responsible for training people with mental health problems and mental health professionals in recovery principles and capacity building.

Fields of expertise inlcude: Human Rights; UN CRPD; Advocacy and activism at national, European and global level; and University teaching expertise. FMB is a Lancet´s Commissioner. Guadalupe Morales. Journalist. University Professor in Spain & Portugal: “Stigma & Media”, and the WHO Centre in Pune, India.


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