Association for the Improvement of Mental health Programs

Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programs


The Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programmes was founded in 2004.  Its objective is to make a contribution to the improvement and promotion of mental health programmes worldwide. 

AIMHP aims to achieve its goals by means of consultation, organizing talks and seminars, initiating and coordinating studies, other theoretical and practical work, and by any other appropriate means that can improve the care of people with mental illness and their families and raise the value given to mental health by individuals and societies.

One of the lines of activity of the association is work on the reduction of stigma. The association was involved in the global anti-stigma program “Open the doors” which was directed by the President of AIMHP. 

The Association has developed a number of publications and was actively involved in organizing the series of international meetings “Together against stigma” held in Germany, England, Canada, Turkey and Japan. These meetings were developed in close collaboration with the WPA section on stigma.

The President of the Association is currently the vice-chairman of the WPA scientific section on stigma and mental health.