The goal of Obertament is to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination in Catalonia through making people with lived experience of mental health issues become protagonists of change. We focus on four targeted areas: education, health, employment and the media.

Obertament was established in December 2010 from the alliance of the main social agents of mental health in Catalonia.


Promotion of local activism in the first person

In order to break down the myths and stereotypes that inhibit full inclusion and recovery, we train and support people with lived experience of mental health issues to become anti-stigma activists.

Mental Health in the Workplace

The main objective of our work is to facilitate change through training, resources, advice and good practices, so that employers and workers feel supported and safe to talk about mental health. As a consequence, mental health must shift from an individual to an organizational concern.

Resources: https://obertament.org/images/2021/Obertament_Laboral_Cataleg_EN.pdf

Health Facilities Programme

Health Services professionals receive materials and trainings designed to improve their work with people with lived experience of mental health conditions.

What’s Up! How are you doing in mental health?

We offer counseling and resources to promote mental health awareness among young people in high schools. Involves classroom teaching units and community service.

Media Program

We offer advice for communication and media professionals to address mental health issues without stereotypes or prejudices. We provide guides with tips on language and image use.

Communication campaigns

We run communication campaigns to change social behavior about stigma and discrimination and make ourselves visible in the media and on the streets.